Tracking Tokens

NewProgrammatic offers the following tokens:




Sends a click ID for conversion tracking.




Sends a country code.


Sends a numeric campaign ID; the token might be particularly useful for external tracking.


Sends a UUID campaign ID; this token is needed for API calls.


Sends a campaign name.


Sends an operating system name.


It is not recommended to run multiple operating systems within one campaign taken into consideration their different performance.


Sends mobile carrier.


Send a device ID; for in-app campaigns, you are able to collect some device ID to target afterward that can be used to blacklist/whitelist.


Sends city name


Sends region name


Sends a target ID; it is the actual sub placement of your ad; targets belong to certain sources.


Sends a source ID; it is a huge traffic source with multiple targets in it that are predefined in NewProgrammatic.


Sends keywords attached to the visitor.


Sends keyword match type broad/exact.


Sends a cost of a visit.