Available payment methods

As of today, your account can be topped up only via a wire transfer. We’re working on expanding the choice of payment methods.

  • Wire Transfer: The bank account details should be provided after selecting the wire transfer method in the Top-up pop-up window.


If you think that there is a problem with your top-up, contact us and send the transaction ID so we can allocate your funds in the system and assign the transfer properly.

Additional charges

Apart from the top-up amount, there are the following additional charges included in the final payment amount:

  • Service fee: This is to cover the operational costs of handling a transaction and is imposed by the payment method provider. Different payment methods have different service fee amounts. For example, for wire transfers, the fee amount needs to be checked with your bank. 

  • Tax: This is only applicable if you have not provided a valid SSN / TAX / VAT ID number in your account settings (valid for EU and Russia). Once you provide the number it will be verified and after successful verification, the tax value will be removed. Unless your business registration country requires you to issue VAT payments.

Payments details

Once your account is topped up with credit and your campaigns are approved, you will start receiving traffic. You can find receipts of your payments under the Payments tab in your account dashboard.