1. What’s NewProgrammatic?

NewProgrammatic is a performance marketing platform that lets you deliver brand-safe and user-friendly ads to customers before they even complete their search. 

We help brands acquire new audiences and build custom-made solutions for monetizing their online inventory through ad serving.

Where customers see your ads:


Brands currently promoted with New Programmatic:


2. How does NewProgrammatic advertising work?

NewProgrammatic lets you create Branded Search or Generic Keyword Search campaigns depending on your needs.

  • Branded Search allows redirecting users looking for your brand directly to your brand’s website.

  • Generic Keyword Search allows targeting both generic keywords and brand names while redirecting users to relevant pages.


Branded Search & Generic Keyword Search (Tiles & Search Autocomplete ads are presented)

3. NewProgrammatic Ad Formats

There are two ways users can interact with your brand’s ad. The first model, called Tiles, works for both mobile and desktop devices, and takes place before the actual search happens. The second model, called Search Autocomplete, also works on both mobile and desktop devices, and takes place already during the search.


NewProgrammatic Tiles and Search Autocomplete ads work on the CPC (Cost Per Click) cost model.