Tax ID Information

For corporate clients, NewProgrammatic requires valid tax ID information to fulfill tax requirements. You are required to submit a tax ID when registering a new NewProgrammatic company account. Depending on the country you operate in, there is different tax ID information that you should provide:

  • VAT ID (for EU residents - registered VAT payers)

  • Other company identification information that is valid in your country (for customers outside the EU's VAT system)

If you don't run a company, you can leave the VAT/Tax ID text field blank.

Sometimes, NewProgrammatic may ask for additional proof that you run a registered company. This includes documents from a treasury department or other official bodies from your country that can issue a confirmation of registration of a company. The details are provided below.

EU residents that are registered VAT payers

If you are a registered VAT payer in the European Union, you have to provide a valid VAT ID number. This number will be later verified and compared with other billing details (address, company name), so make sure you submit correct data.

EU residents that are not registered VAT payers or non-EU clients

If you operate outside the EU's VAT system, you need to provide any company identification number that is valid in your country. Sometimes you may be asked to submit additional documents providing proof that you run a company. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Company registration confirmation from your treasury department.

  • An excerpt from a court register.

Polish residents that are registered VAT payers

For Polish and Russian clients, VAT tax will be applied to all payments made in NewProgrammatic.

Submitting TAX ID information DURING account registration

In the first step of signing up for a NewProgrammatic account, you are asked to provide your account details. Complete this step and click the Continue button. In the second step, you need to provide your billing information. This is the place where you put your tax ID information.


Pay close attention to the information you provide here, because not only is correct tax ID information required, but also a valid address. Once you have entered your valid data, click the Continue button and provide your contact details in the third step.

Submitting TAX ID information AFTER account registration

If you have registered your NewProgrammatic account without submitting a tax ID, you can always do so in your account settings page. In order to do that, perform the following steps:

  1. In NewProgrammatic, go to the My Account tab.

  2. Provide your tax ID information.

  3. Click the Save changes button.