“Do you have traffic from the geo I’m interested in?”

Yes! We have access to worldwide inventory, however, the volumes of traffic depend on the region. Reach out to us to receive details on the volumes and rates in the country you want to advertise in.

“What kind of targeting is available?”

NewProgrammatic supports geo-targeting (country, region, city) as well as device, OS, and browser targeting.

“Is generic keyword targeting possible?”

Yes, but only with short tail keywords (up to 15 characters), like “Airmax”. In such cases, the destination URL has to feature the product/service directly associated with the keyword.

“Is it possible to target competitors’ keywords?”

Bidding on competitors’ keywords is strictly forbidden within our marketplace. The user needs to be redirected to a page featuring a product/service directly associated with the targeted keyword.

“Do you support campaign tracking?”

Absolutely! The NewProgrammatic platform supports various tracking tokens and creates a unique postback URL for your account. We provide detailed performance reports, down to the SubID level.