Monitoring Campaigns

Monitoring your NewProgrammatic campaigns is easy and effective. Once you create it, it will appear in your self-serve dashboard together with an overview of all your campaigns. 

To see details of a specific campaign, just click the campaign name.


NewProgrammatic’s intuitive interface allows you to find a score of important data about your campaigns with a quick glance. 

The data presented include:

  • Campaign name: Click to access the campaign details.

  • Type: The type of campaign run (Keyword campaign).

  • GEO: Country or countries your campaign targets.

  • Redirects: The amount of traffic that a given campaign received.

  • Conv: The number of conversions for a given campaign.

  • Spend: The amount you spent on traffic for a given campaign.

  • Payout: The amount of payout that has been attributed to conversions.

  • ROI: Return on campaign investment.

  • eCPA: The effective cost per action.

  • Budgets: Your daily and total campaign budget.

  • Bid: How much CPC you are bidding on the campaign.

  • Win ratio: Indicates the competitiveness of your bid against the competition. The ratio is based on data for a selected time period, max. 7 days.

  • Status: It presents the status of your campaign.

  • Actions: Allow you to access all actionable options for the campaign. (Show details, pause, delete edit)