How to block traffic from specific Cities?


This will only be possible with Cities targeting enabled instead of Regions. If Cities targeting is disabled, traffic will come from the whole of the chosen Region.

You can block traffic from specific Cities for your campaigns already during the campaign creation process or later.

During campaign creation

To do that while creating your campaign, proceed with the campaign creation process until the Targeting section.

  1. Then click on the Cities section.

  2. The Cities window will open.

  3. Choose the Block traffic from cities below option.

  4. In the Selected cities space add the cities you want to block receiving traffic from.

  5. Click Done to save the set up.



Once you choose to receive traffic from a given region, you will only be able to block traffic from cities in the selected region. If you exclude a given region, you won’t be able to receive traffic from cities in that region.

Within already existing campaigns

To block traffic coming from specific cities within an already existing campaign complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the main dashboard view.

  2. Choose your campaign from the campaign list.

  3. In the campaign’s detail section go to the Cities tab.

  4. To pause receiving traffic from a desired city just click the checkbox on the right or click on the pause icon on the left. It will then turn yellow with Paused message showing.

    1. If/when you change your mind and want to resume a given city, just click on it again. It’ll turn green with Active message showing